26 Feb 2013

Out-of-site-yet-everywhere Playstation 4

                              PLAYSTATION 4; an enigma

Out-of-site-yet-everywhere seems to be the overall metaphor of the PlayStation 4 (PS4), as Sony described it. The PS4 (which Sony plans to sell by year's end) is not so much a machine as a network — with games delivered from the cloud, games that can follow you as you move from the PS4 to a mobile device, and the ability to post video clips of your adventures or even broadcast entire games online.

"We're making it so your friends can look over your shoulder virtually and interact with you as you play," said David Perry, co-founder of Gaikai, a company that Sony bought to build its cloud-gaming network.  Now some game lovers fingers are getting itchy already.. Well, time will sure place the console in your hands. What's on your mind?

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