26 Mar 2013

Finding the perfect mate (part 1)

Finding the perfect mate for yourself is a daunting task and a lifelong quest for a whole lot of people.

Hi ladies, hooking up with the right guy has everything to do with you, yap, you, and not the guys you ask all manner of questions. The simple trick of getting a good match is becoming Miss Right. Anyone can dress up and smile but do you have the dating resume to pull off this important romantic merger? A true love connection takes two, after all.

 Be prepared for a fulfilling, long-term relationship by working on yourself, yes, working on yourself..
Get fully done with your education. Don't leave your diploma or degree half done. Even if you can't afford school full time, you can make time for at least one class. Besides boosting your career marketability, completing school gives you a major self-confidence boost isn't it? Well, I strongly believe so.
Get rid of those character flaws. Yes, you have them too! We all do. Take some time to do some soul-searching about past relationships or mistakes. Do you need more patience? Got a temper that needs, well, tempering? Now is the time to get those issues under control.
Make peace with yourself. Broken people break relationships. Whatever past sins you've committed, forgive yourself. If you don't believe you deserve love, you won't find it. True or false?
Question your reasons for wanting a serious relationship. Do you really want to invest the time and work it takes to maintain a loving relationship? Talk tough to yourself about what you truly want.
Be Acquainted with whatever appeals to you most in a guy. Just hoping for the best isn't a recipe for success. What do you truly want in a mate? If you aren't willing to make a list of points that are important to you, then you're truly not sure of what you want. Do you want someone with traditional values or a forward thinker? What kind of interests should he have, ideally?
Kick-start your search in places you'd likely find the man you'd like to meet. Take your time, don't settle for anyone less than your dream date.. Did i miss out on anything? Well, to be continued..   

By Princewill Echebiri


  1. Thanks! one or two lessons learnt already.. nice and simple article

  2. Relationship?? I hate relationship.. Single forever!!!