28 Apr 2013

Finding the perfect mate (part 2)

I hear it almost everyday from my single female friends; 'It's hard to find a good man these days.' My response to them is usually that it depends on where you are looking. Sometimes what you are looking for is not packaged the way you would expect.

You have to be able to spot potential in a man and be willing to grow with him.

Let's keep it real here ladies. If the first thing coming out of the guy's mouth is about your rocking body he may not be interested in much more. A man who is into church suggests that he has certain values, a man going doing classes suggests he is into improving himself. It is possible to find good guys, they are still out there, but you have to look where they are.

Look for the General not the Specific. Some ladies have narrowed down the 'right man' to a decimal. He has to be 6ft 2 inches, dark, a dimple on his left cheek, bulging biceps, cute smile, brown eyes, wearing a yellow shirt, one earring, rich, fancy car... the list goes on and on. Look for general characteristics instead such as being thoughtful, caring and ambitious. This opens up your eyes to many more dating prospects.

Be open. Keep your heart open to love. The right guy for you may be afraid to approach you because of your attitude, or because you just will not take him seriously. Maybe you have your eyes set on Mr. Wrong so much you cannot see Mr. Right waiting for his chance. Are you still brooding over a lost love to the point you cannot see new love? Common, life has to move on!

It is hard enough finding love these days. It is even harder when you do not know how or where to look...

To be continued..

                                                                                    By Princewill Echebiri


  1. Interesting... hmmmn

  2. We live in a material world they said, and all most ladies do is just get carried away materially, forgetting that there's more to life than material benefits