27 May 2013

Charlyboy: Help! Our youth are dying of religiosity

See how most of them have abused the social media, just checkout your blackberry broadcast and face book pages these days, just to mention a few. Checkout the ridiculous unsolicited massages you get these days, that only requires you to type in “Amen” and receive a miracle in seven days, what rubbish.
Hi, it’s Me again doing what I do best, doing Me. The unbelievers still think I should apologize for being and doing Me, little do they know that they are the ones to bloody apologize for wanting me to be someone else. I have chosen to live my life lovingly and truthfully. I choose to believe in my dreams and follow them the best I can, that I may inspire someone along the way is a beautiful golden bonus. 
For starters, this write up ain’t about me, but about those people who are lost in the wilderness, those group of people who are disconnected from the realities on ground. Our “Future leaders” indeed. It is about our young and able youth who are practically waiting for Jesus Christ to come down, who are growing into dumb bells, sagging in their blue jeans, showing off their flat bottoms. Look at them, not even aware how they kill themselves. It is more crazy to see how they have become so intellectually lazy. In our young country over 70percent of the population is under 30, yet unreliable statistics say that about 48million young people are unemployed and about 4million joins that number every year. 
The army of frustrated youth in Nigeria is growing astronomically; drugs now rising, violence, cultism, killings, prostitution, desperation, and hopelessness have become a permanent fixture in the lives of our youth. This is the Nigeria of today.
Religion is a good thing, it is meant to nurture our spiritual content, be you a catholic, a Protestant, Baptist, Muslim, Buddhist, Pentecostal, most world religion are based on the precept and concept of love. Yes I believe in God, a supreme being if you may. I believe in Jesus Christ our lord and saviour, but I do not believe in the Nigerian Christians. I cannot stand most of them; it is laughable how they have turned our universal God, to a Nigerian. For some, they see God as a babalawo, a native doctor whose job it is to always perform miracles as long as you give him money through the “man of god” by donating to the church, paying tights, building a chapel in your house, always attending every church functions etc etc. Most of our so-called Christians have no fear or respect for God, they use his name in vain, they lie, kill, they cheat, all kinds of evil are committed in his name, because they know he is a merciful God and his ways are beyond our comprehension. Can the Pagans try that with their oracle? Do you know that the Pagans dread and respect their juju more than the Christians dread and respect God? Pagans who swear by their juju will hardly break their oath, but what about our Nigerian Christians who swear by the bible, either taking an oath of office or at weddings. See how they break their vows or abuse their offices. 
Don’t get this twisted, religion is not the problem, it is Nigerians hypocrisy and very shameful ignorance. Most Christians have lost all sense of objectivity and rationalization when it comes to religion because they are either poor or desperately looking for something. If criminals were punished and laws are enforced, most of the hypocrisy associated with religion in Nigeria will cease to exist because punishment for criminality, which includes most sin will be immediate. 
Secondly, because most of us have lost fate in our leadership we have turned to religion for solace. Now, I expect our pastors, men of god, imams in unity to condemn our rouge leaders, since we no longer have law enforcers. Religion is like the law. The law is not the problem because we have good laws, but what about the defenders of the law and those it is binding on. That is how we sat down and allowed some riffraff’s and scoundrel in power to be treated as Gods chosen, when really they steal our land, our money and totally corrupt our youths. Religion teaches good things, like love but the people we look up to for religious guidance are so busy misinforming their followers for their own personal gain See how religiosity has turned our youths into a bunch of uncreative and lazy jackasses. 
Do you know that the average Nigerian youth, religious or not, does not believe in Nigeria? Do you know that 80percent of the Nigerian youth believes that to make it in Nigeria, you must sacrifice your mother or loved ones? Do you know what honesty means to most Nigerian youth? Stupidity. But the worst mindset of all, is that success in life is Gods musical chairs, not about hard work, being tenacious or staying focused, for where? Prayer is the solution to everything in this life. You dont have to study to pass your exam, pray. You don’t have to work hard to succeed, just pray, then if it’s not working, bring our mother. You don’t need to have fuel in the car to get to your destination, just pray. Meeeeeen wahala dey. 
Many of our youths now are just floating, making plans or strategizing is not in their agenda anymore. They believe that prayer is the solution to all problems. See how most of them have abused the social media, just checkout your blackberry broadcast and face book pages these days, just to mention a few. Checkout the ridiculous unsolicited massages you get these days, that only requires you to type in “Amen” and receive a miracle in seven days, what rubbish. 
They believe if they can fast for a certain number of days place money on the alter when a prophetic message is given, claiming the blessings, then success is theirs. Religion has given them too many answers for so many things, that they are unwilling to let go, most of them are just lost, others have doubts even about themselves and their future. We really are in deep spiritual crises, we are raising a nation of very ignorant youth. God gave every human being a conscience, which is far superior to the intellect. If the conscience is silenced in us, we are Doomed. 
The most trendy place to find a soul mate is in the church, however you have more Gigolos in attendance looking for their next prey. Most churches, especially from the Pentecostal extraction are notorious for fixing blind dates and arranging marriages when even their own pastors find it difficult to happily stay in their own marriage, what an irony. Many of us especially the youths just go to church to transact our own business, nothing more. God is watching sha. Yes, it is good to believe in God, but we don’t need all these unnecessary rituals. God is not a native doctor. 
How can I be swayed by sweet talks, jerry curling, bible quotes, miracle staging, 419 pastors and the so called men of god. God forbid, but our youth have been taken in by these set of people who cajole and mesmerize their congregation for their own selfish end. For them, it’s a business. Religion is good, but being holier than the pope, and too much religiosity in one’s life is bad. 
The kind of religiosity we have now is one that puts the youth to sleep, it’s not the kind that allows them to question, least they be called demonic, it’s not the kind that’s after social justice or after the welfare of its people. Religion has been turned into superstition. If you are still unemployed, it’s not because of the high rate of employment in the country, but because of your sins. Hummmmm! For me I don’t bloody see the difference between the politicians and the men of god, one controls the social and political end of the game, yes it’s all a game and the joke is on us because we have refused to awake from our slumber. The other controls the spiritual and metaphysical realm selling the gospel of prosperity than the gospel of spirituality, na God go judge.
One of the many reasons our dear youth are so F–king docile these days, is because they no longer are creative, they have become group souls, they no longer ask questions, that’s the reason they take all kinds of cheating because many of them envisage to be in a position of power someday too, so they can also oppress those who had oppressed them in the past. All they need to do is pray so that their miracle will happen soon. My final thought on this? I still believe that the salvation of the Nigerian enterprise lies in the hands of our exceptional youth, after all I am a product of this environment, but this environment does not live in me.
Source: dailypostnews

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