6 Aug 2013

Can Humans Get 'Stuck' While Making Love?

Do people really get stuck in the heat of the moment? 
Is there a science behind such occurrences?
On a report published by Ireporterstv.co, Dr John Ong’ech,  a reproductive health specialist, made an attempt to demystify this seemingly impossible phenomenon.
He says it is possible though such incidences are rare.
“It is possible that a woman can go into vaginismus. This is when the muscles around the vagina tighten involuntarily when there is an attempt to penetrate it.
“However, this can happen during intercourse when the penile shaft has already been inserted and the muscles close in, zapping and locking on it,” he says.
Scientifically it is described as penis captivus.
The vaginal muscles of the woman clamp down on the penile shaft and sometimes the man is unable to withdraw even after losing his erection.
This would then mean that doctors would have to come in to separate the couple.
The doctor expounds further that vaginismus happens when either a woman is in fear of rape or suffers from the rare condition – vaginismus – in which case it would mean that the penis of a man would not penetrate the vagina in the first place.
The other possibility, adds the doctor, is when the man experiences increased vascularisation in any of the veins that line the muscles and the spongy material that makes up the male organ.
“Blood flows in the penis when a man is ready for sex. In scenarios where the vagina is dry and the man forces himself in, a vein could rupture in the process, causing a major swelling of the organ inside the vagina and therefore preventing it from coming out,” Dr Ong’ech explains.
Getting stuck is a common phenomenon among dogs.
However, according to experts, in dogs, unlike in humans, when a dog is ejaculating the head of the penis swells up several folds and will only go back to normal after all the sperm is released.
This cannot, however, be equated to humans.
Reported cases (excerpts from wikipedia.org
In an article published in the British Medical Journal in 1979, Dr F. Kräupl Taylor reviewed the literature on penis captivus and concluded that while "almost all the cases mentioned in medical publications and in textbooks are based on hearsay and rumour", two papers published by nineteenth-century German gynaecologists — Scanzoni (1870) and Hildebrandt (1872) — who had personally dealt with cases of the condition "leave no doubt about the reality of this unusual symptom", which, however, "is so rare that it is often regarded nowadays as no more than a prurient myth". Scanzoni's patient was "a completely healthy young woman, married for six months". She and her husband had to abstain from sexual intercourse because her intense vaginal contractions were "most painful to him and ... did on several occasions end in a spasm ... which sometimes lasted more than ten minutes and made it impossible for the couple to separate". Hildebrandt's patient had been married for about a year. Sexual intercourse with her husband had always been painless until one particular evening. Hildebrandt gives the husband's account of what happened:
He reported that just at the moment when he thought intercourse, which had been quite normal till then, had come to an end, he suddenly felt that he, or rather his glans, was held back deep in the vagina, tightly gripped and imprisoned, while his whole penis was in the vagina. All attempts at withdrawal failed. When he forced the attempts, he caused severe pain to himself and his wife. Bathed in perspiration through agitation, alarm and his failure to free himself, he was finally forced to resign himself to waiting in patience. He could not say how many minutes this lasted, his imprisonment seemed endless. Then — the hindrance vanished on its own; he was free.

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  1. Seems strange and possible with all the medical and scientific explanations,but we all know the myths and norms it brings,if such in any way happens in africa,most especially Naija and looking at the cultural settings..JUJU#thats all they always say...